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Beltaine 2022

Dagda's Cauldron


The Dagda (pronounced "day-ah) is the Irish “good god,” the primordial chief of the Tuatha dé Danann. Highly skilled in the arts and music, and wise beyond measure, he is associated with fertility, agriculture, life, and death. He is the keeper of the Cauldron of Plenty - from whence no person ever went away from unsatisfied for lack of sustenance.

Help us fill the cauldron!  While there is never a "free meal", contributing to the cauldron fund raiser will help insure that everyone is fed. Our very own Tyler Foley is the master chef on the community stews (1 vegan, 1 veg, 1 omnivore). Contributing $5 covers your cost, $10 you and a friend.  Anything more helps support the community.  Please donate via PayPal link below:

For me: $5

Me and mine: $10

Family w/ love: $25

For the whole jam family: $50

I am in abundance. Thank you: $??.??

Interested in more information about the Irish-Celtic Mystery School here in Asheville and the Grove of the Light of Erin?  A new cycle in the year-and-a-day immersion begins every year at Samhain with optional pilgrimage to Ireland and/or Scotland.  Complete the Contact form below to be contacted and for more information: 


Inchanted Journeys

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