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Seasonal Geo-Activation Meditations

Join us at sunrise on the morning of the solar holidays for a seasonal alignment sunrise meditation.

Connect with other powerful beings who have been a part of Inchanted Journeys community as well as the sacred places we are in relationship with.

Winter Solstice (December 21, 2019)

This is your invitation:

On the sunrise of December 21, 2019, we are rekindling a timeless tradition. Wake to embrace the sun with the quartz crystal that you were given at the end of the retreat or other significant crystal.  Set the crystal in a place where it can catch the first light of dawn and the illumination of timeless warding of the sacred wheel of the year.  Sit or stand in a comfortable position that will enable you to remember the essence of your being.  Become your timeless self that is connected to all things.  Connect via your intention and heart-mind to your sacred places.



 Empty and be full.

 Become a part of…

Connect with all of the other people who will also be sitting in solidarity with you receiving that light, healing, and remembrance.  See the connection between our hearts and the crystals.  See the radiance of the sacred places that are linked into the fabric of your body, mind, and spirit.  Connect deeply and quietly with the sacred places of your heritage, your dreams, and your wanderings.

Come home.  

We will be with you.

It is best if you can be actually present for the actual sunrise, as there is a special quality to the first wave of light that pushes back the dark.  If you cannot join us at sunrise, then please do find some time during the day to drop everything and connect.  We will still be present.

Other upcoming Seasonal Geo-Activation Meditations in 2020

Spring Equinox (March 19, 2020)

We will be at Lago Atitlan in Guatemala, calling to the balance of earthfire and water.  Rise up singing spring to life!

Summer Solstice (June 20, 2020)

We will be on top of Mount Olympus in Greece, hailing the divine for strength to conduct our work in the world in a good way.

Fall Equinox (September 22, 2020)

We will be in Ireland deepening into Celtic mysteries, walking across fire and harmonizing the sacred masculine and feminine.

Sacred Site Alignments

Since the beginning, humans have striven to understand place and time.  Whatever philosophies we adhere to or subscribe to as to the how’s and why’s the ancients created vast megalithic sites and temple complexes, the simple fact remains that they did create them.  Even more so, they went through great lengths to orient their sacred centers with various celestial events.  Sites are most often oriented towards solar events such as the solstices, equinoxes, or cross-quarters; lunar; or, even to planetary or stellar.  It is clear that theses events played a great importance in their spiritual as well as secular lives.  In fact, with most indigenous cultures, it is difficult to separate the two.

Like organs of our bodies, all of these sacred sites are connected via the arteries, veins, and nerves of the Earth. These critical life lines are often referred to as geomagnetic lines, ley lines, or dragon lines, depending on the cultural lens through which we perceive them.  In some traditions, ley lines follow water, in others they follow ridge lines, while still in others, they are simply straight lines drawn on a map that connect one place with another.  Most sacred sites have a strong and measurable magnetic flux and are called power points, nodes, vortexes, portals, and sacred centers. Either way, sacred sites are an invitation to be in remembrance, connection, and reverence.  They often were or still are part of the sacred center or heart of an indigenous or native culture.  Sacred sites are a mystery that connect us to a sense of awe and wonder; and, can be an invitation to awaken something that slumbers within: something that calls us into greater action and service to our planet and the entire universe.


Sunset at the Dromatouk Stone Circle near Kenmare, Ireland.

Sacred sites invite a sense of connection, belonging, and healing when entered properly and with permission.  When Inchanted Journeys groups enter into remote sacred sites around the world, we enter via the spiral path so that we can listen and become a part of the landscape and the natural or human-made monument. Once we have found our way to the sacred center, or to the place that beckons to us most, there is an opportunity to further that sense of connection and belonging.  We often ask our group to notice what people, places, or beings cross their minds as the enter into stillness.  These crossings with seemingly distracting thoughts are opportunities to heal. foster stronger relations, or release connections before coming into stillness.  The images and thoughts are seeds or doorways to our karmic work.  Then comes the quietness and reception of the powerful forces at work in a sacred site.  Our dharmic work is to send forth healing, clarity, connection, belonging, and strength to all of our relations across time and space.


Ancient chamber in the ancient for of Masada in the Judaean Desert.

Inchanted Journeys is hosting a retreat on most major celestial events throughout the year including solar and full moon. This is by design.  We are in ceremony in a sacred sites around the world reminding people of how powerful, brilliant, and unique they are as a human being in their vocations and service, while connecting to an even deeper sense of life purpose.  Further more, we are activating a deeper sense of connection between people and powerful places on the planet.  And above all us, we are fueling a sense of awe and wonder.  We invite people to the wealth of resources available in dreams.

So when you wake up from your dreaming on a solar holiday, know that we are in ceremony at a sacred site.  Know that our kin are in sweat lodges, dancing the world tree, or deep in meditation.  You are part of it.

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