June 11-25, 2022

Into the wilds tread we…Off ’round yonder tree.

In discovery of timeless fold and Celtic dreams the Fae behold.

Stand ye not on baseless hindrance; stand forth in sovereign en’trance.

Dreamers dreamed in braided grace; ’tis our time Her song embrace.

~ Solas Geal na hÉíreann

And co-facilitated by Kara Gilligan


Full moon ceremony in Donegal &

Summer Solstice ceremony in Kerry


"It is time for us to connect to the magic & wisdom of our indigenous ancestors, to find the refuge of the sacred grove, forest, spirits of nature, and turn to the intelligence of Erin for protection in these turbulent times. To realize this, indeed, is our shelter from the chaos of the world and our way forward. It is our “new skateboard” - our ark, our vehicle, our path of grace, and our “way through the storm" of whatever craziness is now or shall continue to erupt in this cleansing age. I see a group of us journeying to Ireland to be initiated in the ways of Earth Magic, Celtic wisdom, and sacred leadership through the current Earth Changes. I see us being rejuvenated and restored by the wisdom of the land, the spirits of the sídhe, and the connection to Celtic Goddesses like Áine - who represents the fullness of life present in the Summer Solstice."

~ Kara Gilligan, journey co-facilitator

This trip will be held in honor of the Irish-Celtic Goddess of Midsummer, Áine, and will feature a week in the southern lands, near ceremonial sites sacred to Her during the Summer Solstice, preceded by a week in the northwest of Ireland in the Sligo and Donegal region (home of the mystical poet W. B. Yeats) for full moon ritual & other adventures.


June 11-25, 2021

2-week pilgrimage to Ireland

Cost: $4,000.00

if $1,000 deposit is received before January 1, 2022

$4,444.00 after January 1, 2022

Note each transaction will include a 3.2% Paypal Fee.

NOTE: the PayPal button below is just for the deposit, if you would like to pay the full amount, please contact Jeremy via email.



Jeremy Schewe

-Creative Director-