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Rachel Shopper


Rachel has been a teacher and facilitator in many capacities since 2008.  As a Kripalu-certified yoga instructor at the 200-hr level, she is passionate about the power of yoga as an exquisitely precise spiritual technology, and also about yoga’s power to educate us to the intricacies of living as fully embodied in our human physicality.  She has gone on to study alignment-based yoga with teachers such as Amy Wren, Mary Lenhardt, and Joe Taft. 

Rachel studied permaculture design and agroforestry in both Latin America and the Southeastern United States, working with local communities to design and implement systems to help meet human needs in ecologically regenerative ways. 

Through that process she realized that the most engaging facet of sustainable culture for her was the point of connection where the wilderness of nature and the wilderness of the human spirit meet.  She is a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness School’s Anake Outdoor Program, a year-long nature-connection intensive in the ancient forests and high deserts of the Pacific Northwest.  There she studied bird language, bushcraft, wilderness survival, the art of tracking, ecology, herbalism, foraging, natural crafts, the way of the scout, storytelling, and natural leadership. 

Rachel has facilitated nature connection, earth skills, and rites of passage experiences for numerous programs, including Muddy Sneakers, Forest Floor Wilderness Programs, Firefly Gathering, Women’s Wilderness Workshops, National Society for Leadership and Success, Organic Grower’s School, and Young Women’s Empowerment Journey.  Infusing her classes and retreats with humor, creativity, and curiosity, Rachel facilitates from the heart and encourages her students to express themselves and their gifts with fullness and joy.  When we slow down to the pace of the natural world, we can hear the deep messages of the earth and the deep messages of our souls.  We drop into sacred communion with the net of life, and from that place, we are all capable of great things.

Rachel has been a poet all her life and has been published in a number of literary journals, including Armchair/Shotgun, Asheville Poetry Review, and Shadowgraph Magazine.  She is committed to creative practice and is skillful at holding conscious containers to help others access their deep wells of creativity.  She holds a B.A. in English Literature from Wesleyan University.

Above all, Rachel is committed to the healing of people and the planet.  Her own journey of following the coyote of her soul has taken her literally and metaphorically down unknown trails, through thorny thickets, into scorching days, deep nights, and valleys where the stars were so close it seemed you could almost brush them with your eyelashes.  She has experienced many healing modalities first-hand, and has studied yoga, core shamanism, and energy healing.  Currently, Rachel is completing a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling so that she can weave Western psychotherapy into her offerings and hold ever deeper containers for mystery and transformation.  She believes that above all, our hearts and our relationships with people and the natural world are our most profound healers.  It is the privilege of a lifetime to be able to guide others into their own depths, so that they can become who they were always meant to be.

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