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Yoga with Sanni

10$ drop-in or 5$ need-based – please pay prior to class via PayPal:

*Europeans: use in EUR to avoid currency exchange fees*

Join Zoom Meeting using this link:
(Meeting ID: 975 307 4730, no password)

Be healthy & vibrant!

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Sharing movement, deep breath and intentional presence with the community all around the world is simply powerful!


Feel your body coming fully alive and notice how mental and emotional clarity might be just one practice away.

Join our weekly Live Stream Yoga classes via Zoom:

ELEMENTAL VITALITY YOGA with Sanni on Tuesdays at 9.30-10.30am EST

This all-levels practice is a combination of dynamic movement and deeply restoring lengthening stretches. Drawing from the natural elemental forces, this class creates a container for deeper self discovery and harmonization of our internal alchemy.


We will practice energy cultivation, conscious breath and physical alignment awareness while exploring the sweet dynamics of functional movement and deep rest. 

If you have any requests for the class, such body parts that need some attention, specific poses or mental/emotional aspects that are up on a surface, please email Sanni at before the class and we will weave it in.

Teacher and Guide


Sanni Pääkkönen

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