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Ímbolc 2024
Ceremony, Dance & Chanting
February 3, 2024
6:30 pm

The Flame & Rose


at Mandala Springs

Lá Fhéile Bríde, Ímbolc... the dawn of Celtic Spring. Reigniting the heart-hearth. Tonight, we give praise to Bríde (Brigid) as a sovereign goddess of the southwest of Ireland, and as the darling saint of our Irish and Celtic heritage.

Come on time to learn how to create a Brigid's Cross with rushes.

The evening will open with a 45-minute ecstatic dance wave naturally transitioning into the Flame and Rose Ceremony - supported by all of us singing with ecstatic Irish chanting (ceol deogí).

The ceremony is very personal in internalized in respect to the season. You may, if you choose, just sing and dance to your heart's content, or come to ceremony altar and mirror to burn away the duff from the previous year and winter.... and call in the seeds of intention that you are planting in the fertile soil of your heart and mind.

Come reignite the passionate flames of your soul, heart and mind (in Irish: ímbas, and Wales: awen). Come help reignite the eternal flame of Brigid and the beauty of our collective and colorful community


Tier 1 - $10 (ticket)

Tier 2 - $15 (ticket + Mandala Springs hot chocolate)

Tier 2 - $35 (ticket + signed copy of Aisling - Discovering Keys in the Irish Celtic Mysteries, by Jeremy Schewe)  


Tier 4$40 ticket + book + Mandala Springs hot chocolate. 


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Tickets & Hot Chocolate

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Tickets & Book

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Tickets, Book &Hot Chocolate

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