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Voices of the Earth
Journeys of the Mystics

A voice for the voiceless
Voices of the Earth : Journeys of the Mystics gives a voice to the magical stewards of the Earth and the pilgrims who walk it in reverence. Each webinar invites the participant to commune with the emissaries of the Deep Beauty of this world and the Other. Saturate your being with the essence of the Earth's wisdom keepers - stewards of our timeless heritage.  This webinar series is free and open to the public.  In order to register for one of the webinar series, please complete the contact form below and indicate which webinar you are registering.
Upcoming Events

Episode 3

Reconnecting with Irish Immortals
Free online program w/ Jeremy Schewe and guests

June 25, 2023

1:00-2:30 pm Eastern

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Connecting with our aislings...

Previous Episodes

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Episode 1

Seanchaí & Aislings: Irish Grail Lore
Free online workshop w/ Jeremy Schewe and guest Sam "Fergus" Brett, Sligo's Shanakee.


Episode 2

Camino Reflections: River of Souls
Free online program w/ Jeremy Schewe and guests

May 21, 2023 


Recorded: March 12, 2023

In this episode, we were scooped up by the selkie and the seanchaí and conveyed to the Celtic Otherworld and back. Participants were invited to put on their silver shoes and journey to where the veil is thinnest in the secret remoteness of the Emerald Isle. We woke up on a mountain next to a lake that existed for years only in your dreams or follow a quiet thought down into a pitch-black cavern to meet the Great Mother.

In this 2-hour episode, Sam lead everyone on a deep journey into the sacred mysteries of the land around Sligo Ireland, spiritual home of W.B. Yeats and over 8,000 years of Irish heritage. Register for the recording for a deep listen.  Prepare for an EXPERIENCE.  Guided meditation (pathworking) into Tír na nÓg, an aspect of the Irish-Celtic otherworld, also included.

Recorded: May 21, 2023

Swim in the River of Souls on a deep journey of a Celtic gnostic pilgrim who seeks new purpose and renewal of faëth after losing his only daughter to the dark forces of our world.  Discover the magic of the Way along 417 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago. Join the fellowship of saints, angels, and faeries along the pilgrim's journey.

Following his daughter's death, Jeremy was invited by his father to take up the pilgrim's mantle and share the fellowship of the road along the Camino through the heart of the Gaelic northwest of Spain.  Follow a gnostic pilgrim's surprising walk through the living Galician heritage, natural communities, and mythological landscape.  Track the transformation of darkness and pain into the gorgeous renewal of faëth in humanity and divinity.  From chasing elusive chestnut cakes and feral dreaming, to foraging for wild foods and stilling the mind through ancient practices, dive into the simple beauty of fellowship shared with humans, saints, and the sídhe in this wonderfully transformative journey of the soul home to Deep Peace.

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