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Irish-Celtic Mysteries


The Light of Erin

Solas Geal na hEireann

New cohort and entry into the Grove: Samhain 2023!
Contact Jeremy for more info: click here!

Are you ready to access the gateways into the Celtic Mysteries and step through portals to the timeless space within you, while journeying into relationship with the sacred lands of Ireland? If you are ready to refine the Irish-Celtic lens through which you see the world, then this program is for you. Let us track the lines of our heritage to its source. Let us listen to the song of our ancestors and descendants. Let us find the harmony therein and share our voices. Learn traditional songs.
Learn traditional and contemporary Celtic ceremony.
Are you ready to dance with your destiny? 
If so, then this course in the Irish-Celtic mysteries and journey to Ireland is truly for you.


Learn traditional Irish lore, mythology, and spiritual practices.

Refine second site, dreaming, and journey techniques to the Otherworld.

Learn Irish chants, songs, and drumming.

Cultivate a keen understanding of the Irish-Celtic worldview – traditional and contemporary.

Hone understanding of Irish-Celtic symbols and language.

Participate in cross-quarter ceremonies.

Learn the craft of creating traditional Irish votive offerings (seasonal and non-seasonal).

Become a tobar (holy spring or well) steward/guardian.

Embody the Irish-Celtic wheel of the year, the medicine circle, and relationship with sacred sites.

Harmonize with the Irish-Celtic seasonal relationships, personal sovereignty, and land stewardship.

Grow in community with our grove sanctuary, Haltia Haven, in Highlands, NC.

Access your tree oracle through the ogham and relating with Haltia Haven’s ancient forest.

Cross-quarter holiday weekend Óenachs, immersions, and retreats.

Harmonize your ancestral Irish-Celtic heritage (or dreamline/spirit lineage).

Choose a path

1. Irish-Celtic Lore Keeper of the Sacred Wheel – Online 8-week immersion

2. Irish Goddesses in the Wheel of the Year – Online 5-week immersion

3. Irish-Celtic Ogham Divination – Online 7-week immersion

4. Embracing the Celtic Oracle – Online 6-week immersion

5. Irish Faërie Lore – Online 7-week immersion

6. Temple House Retreat - 1-week immersion in Ireland

6. Irish-Celtic Mysteries Year-and-a-Day Program – In person (Asheville), as well as online,

1-year immersion, with a two-week pilgrimage to Ireland in September.

The first five online programs above are offered periodically throughout the year and at times for small groups upon request.  The Irish-Celtic Mysteries program runs from Samhain (end of October) to Samhain every year.  You can choose to participate just in the year-long Irish-Celtic Mysteries, or to participate in the year-long Irish-Celtic Mysteries in concert with an approximately two-week immersion in Ireland.  Click on the portal below to find out more information.

Current Courses

Irish-Celtic Mysteries

Year-and-a-Day Program

October 26, 2023 – November 2, 2024


Irish-Celtic Lore Keepers

of the Sacred Wheel

Online course coming soon!


Irish-Celtic Ogham Divination

at the Temple House retreat

September 17-24, 2023


Irish Goddesses in the

Wheel of the Year

Online Streaming coming soon!

What do we do?

The Irish-Celtic Mysteries program is designed for the initiate who seeks a deeper understanding and relationship with the Celtic mysteries in respect to Ireland. In the ancient fashion of the Celts, the course will run for “a-year-and-a-day”, covering a span of topics from sacred sites and mythology, to contemporary culture and the arts. We dive deep into symbol, myth, ceremony, and sacred sites. We explore the Celtic relationship with the seasons via the “fire festivals” or cross-quarter holidays. Most course work and meetings are held in an online forum (webinar or similar), although we physically gather during the four cross-quarter holidays of Samhain, Imbolc, Beltaine, and Lughnasa in the Asheville area. The course is capped with a two week retreat in Ireland. Upon our return in the wheel of the year to Samhain, we welcome the new initiates and those returning for the upcoming year’s program.

During the year, we gather and work as a group of initiates steeped in the lore of place. We develop a strong sense of community chemistry and interpersonal synergy. We come alive to ourselves and our heritage (whatever your biological ancestry may be) in the landscape, cultivating relationships of reciprocity. We cultivate a remembrance that we first ask permission with respect to enter an ancient and holy place. We practice opening ourselves to the mystery and magic of place, to listen and be guided. This year-and-a-day program provides the opportunity to both become a Celtic peregrini (pilgrim, wanderer, seeker… Latin for “one from abroad”) in search of the place of their personal “resurrection” and belonging, as well as to become a seanchaí  (pronounced “shawncree”) a Celtic bearer of ancient/timeless lore.

For clarity, our grove and this lineage is not seeking to recreate a glorified or romanticized past, but instead we celebrate the fruit of the labors of all the Irish-Celtic lore keepers who have come before us.  More so, we seek to honor the seanchaí, bean feasa, and fear feasa who have illuminated the pathway through the darkness and cultivated deep roots in the soil of antiquity.  We are here to promulgate the Light of Erin and her timeless traditions into an abundant future while preserving sanctuaries of the oracles of the sídhe around the world.

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