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Lena Ruark-Eastes


Through her contagious joy and energy, Lena motivates and inspires people to take action to bring peace, beauty and justice on Earth.

She is gifted at finding creative solutions to problems, from the details to the cultural re-weaving. She guides and leads by listening to her intuitive wisdom and encouraging others to drop into their inner knowings. Her authentic curiosity and question asking invites others to find truth.​ Lena offers empathetic listening in a way that deeply meets the needs of others to be heard and understood.

She is blessed with a generosity of Spirit, positivity, and open heartedness that welcomes all she meets and loves. Lena is continually located as an uplifter and protector of childhood, human and Earth rights, and ceremony. She is a thresHOLDER. She holds Rites of Passage ceremonies for Birth and Becoming a Mother, Marriage and Self Marriage, and she has artfully tended the threshold from Girlhood into Womanhood for the past decade through Earth Path’s 5 day Rites of Passage Ceremony for young women. Lena is a carrier of fierce grace, singer for the Earth, blesser of waters, creative artist of cultural renewal and seed planter. She flies with hummingbird medicine and walks with the power of the wild cats.

You may find her playing her flute to the rising sun, arranging flowers for a celebration, hiding in a bush during a Deer and Coyote game with kids, singing under a waterfall in the middle of winter, or helping to create dignified jobs for women living in communities vulnerable to extreme poverty and human trafficking. Her love and communication with the plant world is a wonder and she’s a devoted student, teacher, mentor, mother, wife, daughter and friend.

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