Carrie Schewe, Visionary Powerhouse


Has been a full-time healing artist for 15+ years. Through her professional and personal practice she has honed her abilities to sift quickly through the layers of masking that do not serve the highest self. Her gifts lie in her ability to see with the eyes of neutrality, and to help others see beyond the illusion of right/wrong, good and bad and to recognize the archetypal story at play in one’s life. Through this lens we recognize life’s hurdles as opportunities on our soul’s evolutionary journey instead of becoming stuck in blame, anger, and victimhood.  Above all, Carrie loves to dive deep into the shadow,  fly high 

into the light, and to create a container for other’s to explore their own heights and hidden depths in a beautiful, authentic, and safe container.

Carrie is a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Shamanic Priestess,  Master Bodywork Therapist as well as a Hearth Fire Tender, Kitchen Witch, and Temple Sweeper along with a host of other hats she wears that do not come with super cool sounding titles.  Carrie’s strength in leadership comes from a lack of ego involvement in wanting to be a leader.  She comes to leadership from a place of service and accesses her own humbling human life stories to help guide others through the harrowing places of the void and back.

Carrie has been and bodywork therapist and Energy healer for over a decade, practicing the art of touching deeply into the body’s cellular memories and the stories they hold. By creating safe and sacred space, people can open up and let go, releasing old traumas and reconcile with wounded parts of themselves. Carrie also assists in creating harmony amongst the physical, emotional, mental, and 


spiritual bodies. Carrie combines Thai Yoga bodywork, Polarity Therapy, Mindfulness techniques, breathwork, and guided imagery, into her practice at Bodhi of Life, in Asheville, NC.

Carrie loves creating ceremony and ritual and finds it is a practical, fun, and fantastical way to dance with the cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.  Ceremony and ritual is also a powerful way to explore and embody archetypes and learn from their stories in an experiential way.  Intuitively and divinely directed, Carrie embraces the opportunity to create space for others to love their whole selves, the light the dark no difference, find forgiveness, and to reclaim their power and sovereignty in this lifetime.

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