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Lumi, Visionary Powerhouse


Lumi is an oracle that gets straight to the heart of the matter.  Her ability to call out shadows and places of spiritual bypass helps those she serves to align to a higher truth, live more authentically and reclaim one’s personal power.  Utilizing archetypal myths, the wisdom of mystics through the ages, and her own humbling life stories, Lumi helps guide others through the harrowing places of the void, and back into the light of their true soul essence.

Creator of Heart of Lumi and Living Temple Mentorship, Lumi weaves together the ancient practice of tea with the power of presence, prayer, and nature to uplift and attune her clients to 

higher states of consciousness where they can not only gain perspective to shift their everyday lives, but vibrate at the consciousness that makes lasting foundation-deep shifts. By bringing others into the Eternal Now and into the field of high vibrational energies where unconditional love, joy, and forgiveness live, Lumi guides you to re-align to their highest self.

Living in Devotion to Love and Presence, Lumi has been spent her life deep diving into the spiritual arts.  Mystical poet, intuitive, tea ceremonialist, wild feminine priestess, and Spiritual Director, Lumi has been a healing artist for over 20 years.


Lumi co-facilitates the year-and-a-day Light of Erin Mystery School and International journeys to sacred sites around the world. To learn more about Living Temple Mentorship, Bio-Energetic Attunements, and Tea Ceremonies with Lumi, visit:

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