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“My first Inchanted Journey was at Wild Soul NY 2016. After witnessing the transformation of my beloved Jason at wildman early that year I wanted a piece of that yummyness. I wanted to shake the hand of the creator of this incredible work. That I did together with Jason. Every step of the weekend cracked something open and reached in deeply especially the Air journey. I had a profound experience of journeying so shortly after loosing my brother and without any substance required! It was the cleanest human experience with other beautiful humans. This program is for anyone willing to have an experience of depth and tribal community. I hope Jeremy will continue this program for decades. Cant wait to to get back to one.” 

 –Aimee Davis,  2/2/2017

“Sanni, you are my inspiration! How you teach and hold space is truly special. I honor all your knowledge on traditional wisdom, rituals and medicines. You have guided me to my inner teacher and I bow in gratitude. I have never felt more empowered and excited for life.”

-Jenna Gear, 10/03/2019

“Wow!  I am so grateful I was guided to go on this adventure to Scandinavia with Sanni and Jeremy.  They are two spectacular beings with a plethora of knowledge and enormous hearts pouring out love and compassion.  One high light of my trip was when climbing to the top of mount Segla.  I realized there really is no top, no peak, no end, life continues and I can choose to go onward or stay the same.  I chose to go onward and am so grateful I did.  Sanni and Jeremy held space for the group to explore, open and discover the lands and ourselves at our own pace.  The places we stayed were so beautiful, cozy and simply perfect for our group to connect as a family.  I have traveled a bit around the world by myself and am grateful to have experienced this journey with a few strangers that are now and forever family.  I look forward to my next excursion to Greece with these wonderful humans. ”

-Joy Kerry, 11/04/2019

“Wildman retreats intorduced me to a variety of men from across the US. The retreats have deepened my faith in believing that their are in fact brothers of Spirit scattered everywhere who are authentic and inclusive of diversity. Combining ancient tradtions and rituals of earth elements with modern day need for heartfelt communication, a bonding takes place and is something that modern families are missing. Thank You.” -Bill Bowers, 2/1/2017

“Having Sanni as one of my yoga teachers was one of the best gifts this universe has ever given me.  From the moment you meet her you can see in her smile that everything about her is pure, genuine and love-fueled!  She literally radiates light to the point you might have to wear sunglasses sometimes!  Her relatable personality coupled with her vast knowledge and unique energy makes her a one of a kind person that you cannot get enough of!  My time with Sanni taught me so much more than the yogic practice, it taught me the yogic LIFESTYLE, and then some!  She truly is a person that nobody would want to miss the chance of getting to know and learn from.  She has a loving nature, a huge heart, and a way with people that instantly sets you at ease, as if you had known each other your whole lives.  I am so thankful for my training with her and all that it has taught me, and I know I will definitely be joining future workshops of hers!”

– Jakob Cope, 8/20/2018

“Honored to have participated in the WildMan journey back in August 2016 and it was a powerful and heartfelt journey! Loved the elemental initiations, and the primal nature experience was so needed for my heart and soul! Amazing facilitators with an awesome group of men coming together to share the journey… Looking forward to another one. Come join us. Biessed Be, JahSun.”

-Jason Martini, 2/1/2017

“This past year I have completed two journeys. I have done the Wildman gathering and the Year and a day Celtic Mysteries. They were nothing short of amazing. The wildman was a transformative experience where for the first time I really encountered my own masculinity in a group setting in an actual masculine way. For those of you that have done men’s work and know the mankind project and others … you will understand the feminine qualities of sitting and talking for hours. Wildman is nothing like that and yet the same. Very low on the talking, and yet the true emotions pour out. If you have not done this before, I guarantee you that you have done nothing like it.

The Celtic Mysteries was also a very unique journey. We delved into the history of Ireland and the celtic journey. For me it was a journey towards my more spiritual side. For my wife (who also went on this one) it was transformative. I don’t really have good words to describe all of the things about this course other than you will get out of it 3x what you put into it. Learning from Jeremy is like drinking from a firehose, amazing and invigorating and if you are not very, very careful … you will get wet. BTW, I loved them so much I am doing both again this year.”

-Tyler Foley, 11/12/2019

“I am so grateful to have met, and worked with, Sanni. Over a period of several months I received Sanni’s counsel, participated in her ceremonies and received reiki. My Reiki session with Sanni was life-changing. During the session she was able to pin-point and explain an emotional pain that I have been experiencing my entire life, that I was never able to understand. The ceremonies and counsel I received from Sanni also brought with them golden nuggets of wisdom that helped me heal. Her ceremonies are beautiful, deeply personal and impactful. Each ceremony brought me to greater insight and self-love in a tangible way. Sanni is a wizard, who is tapped into a labyrinth of wisdom that she accesses to bless her clients with what they need to know on their path. If you are lucky to meet her, then I urge you to treasure the chance to get to know her and take advantage of her ceremonies and her healing work. I give her my highest of recommendations.”

– Karen McMullen, 3/25/2018

“A++++++ Jeremy is an incredible facilitator and leader. Highly recommend!!”

– Jack Peterson, 2/1/2017

“Sanni is an incredibly skilled and humble guide in her sharing of wisdom through the heart and spirit. My experience in her Reiki I and II training was inspiring, engaging, and encouraging. Her depth of presence and attention to the process created a truly special container. So grateful!”

-Cassidy Walpole, 11/22/2018

“I’m so honored to be associated with these folks! I ‘m ready for more!” – Gary Matthews, 3/25/2017

“Sanni shares such a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and intuition that goes beyond technique and information. She is both ancient in her wisdom, and joyous in her playful presence. Through ritual and creating sacred space, she imparts ancient knowledge. She has learned many sacred practices and knowledge from extensive travel and trainings throughout the world. In both her teaching style and healing work, she is humble and fully present with her listening and deep guidance. She walks her path, embodies her own spiritual growth, and has so many stories and magic to share from her experiences.  I am honored to learn and grow with her, and feel empowered in my path and awakened in my own intuitive magic.”

-Caylin Rose Janet, 4/15/2018

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