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Inchanted Journeys Shop

Sustainability through bio-locality

The Inchanted Journeys Store offers goods, products, books, crafts, and other materials from our staff and the organizations that we work with around the world in support of sustainable socio-economic development of at-risk, indigenous, and sensitive cultures.  More products to be listed soon from Guatemala, Scandinavia, Appalachia, Ireland, and more.


By Jeremy Schewe

Following dreams and visions, or aislingí in Irish, through his Celtic heritage over the last 21 years, Jeremy parts the veil into the mists of Irish-Celtic mythology and sovereignty through intuition and the ancient Irish archives.  Track the Deep Beauty of the living Irish traditions and sacred places in the landscape as well as the Celtic Otherworld. 

Ports of Entry

By Jeremy Schewe

Where did the ancient spirits, gods, and demi-gods retire, or are they still alive and well in the world today? Journey into living mythology, where timeless characters of Celtic, German-Nordic, Greek, First Nations, Polynesian and other ancient civilizations dance from the pages through the halls of ancestral memories.

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