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Paradise Found

September 23 - October 4, 2025

Eco-adventure & wellness retreat in the
Azores Archipelago - São Jorge and Flores
Hot springs
Cloud forests
Remote beaches
Mountain treks
Sea cliffs, caves, and arches
Freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling
Azorean food and vineyards
Tea ceremony

Relax and enjoy!


Let's explore hidden paradise together!

Come spend 11-days on an eco-adventure and wellness retreat exploring two of the islands of the Portuguese Azores: São Jorge and Flores.  The Archipelago of the Azores is composed of nine volcanic islands in the Macaronesia region of the North Atlantic Ocean, spanning the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  With its mild maritime climate, topography, natural features, and land stewardship, the Azores feel like a cross between Ireland, Hawaii, and Japan.  The Azores may have been inhabited over 2,000 years ago by Phoencians or possibly prior to that by Atlantean culture.  It has been historically settled and claimed by the Portuguese since the 15th century AD.

São Jorge and Flores exhibit some of the wildest and most remote beauty on Earth.  This Atlantean paradise boasts hot springs, waterfalls, sea cliffs, cloud forests, caves, and phenemonal dive locations... with very few people.  This paradise is certainly a reflection of the Celtic Summerlands and the birthplace of the sídhe - allowing for a well-deserved pause from the busyness and distractions of life.  Come explore endemic species of the Azores and ancient laurisilva forests.  Try wholesome, traditional cuisine with local taro, bananas, figs, and pineapples.  Come play in the water and find the quiet and eternal space within.


Let's go to the Summerlands! We will spend ample time scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling around the coast of Flores, and soaking in hot springs and cold waterfalls on São Jorge.  An open water certificate is required for any scuba diving, but currently no certification is required for freediving and snorkeling.  Let's see what we can discover beneath the waves.  Arts, crafts, and local cuisine along the way will round off the color pallet of our eco-adventure and wellness retreat.



* Deposit of $500.00 must be received prior to April 21, 2025 to get the Early-bird rate.
Note each transaction will include a 3.75% Paypal Fee.
Price is somewhat subject to change.

Registration is open for this program.  Deposits of $500 per person must be received by April 21, 2025 in order to obtain the Early-bird rate. Registration is $4,000.00 for the Early-bird rate (double occupancy) including all transportation in the Azores, guide/entrance fees, scuba equipment rental, accommodations, and more. Inter-island flights also included. For single room accompany rate, please contact Jeremy. You will be responsible for your own flights, lunches and dinners, though these will be shared meals. The price will go up on April 21, 2025, to $4,500.00 per person.


It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy via email and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal, Zelle, Apple Cash, and others.  All payment balances are due by July 21st, 2025.  Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $175 service fee through July 21st, 2025.  After July 21st, 2025, we will be unable to refund any cancellations without finding a replacement for you with another person. 

You are responsible for your own flights to and from Ponta Delgada Airport João Paulo II (PDL) from your home city.


Jeremy Schewe


Carrie Schewe

To sign up please fill out the registration form and pay a deposit or in full

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