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Sanni Pääkkönen, Facilitator

Devoted to embodying the pure potential of a human being, Sanni holds a loving and centered space to discover our True Nature. Sanni inspires people to see their inner brilliance and begin to live it in every aspect of their lives. 

Born and raised in Finland, she grew to a deep connection with nature leading her into a well-rounded study on True Self-discovery, inner God connection beyond any religion, and embodiment practices in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Sanni graduated from University with studies in Sport and Health Sciences concentrated on the holistic health aspect of movement and yoga, and led for a few years off-the-beaten-path journeys with Intrepid Travel in Europe. 

Sanni has years of experience in leading yoga teacher trainings (E-RYT500), continuing education courses, energy work programs, and women's wilderness immersions. In 2020, she went through a deep "personality death" letting go of all the work she'd been doing, and from the deep stillness, her true life service came online: Somatic Frequency Work. With this service, Sanni helps people to release distorting patterns in their life, come home to their true potential, and re-write their lives from a direct Pure Source connection. She creates space for releasing hereditary patterns and rendering the physical body to match the frequency of the awakened Spirit.

Currently, Sanni lives in Asheville, North Carolina. She co-facilitates The Oracle of Northern Lights journeys in Norway guiding people to absorb the deep silence and miraculous beauty of the Northlands and letting it clear their fields to reconnect with their inner compass and the North Star. 

Her offerings are known to be transformative, deep, playful, and empowering. Sanni walks the Earth with grace, calm confidence, and contagious inspiration to show up as our best possible selves. 

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