Sanni Pääkkönen, Emissary of Initiatives


Devoted to experience pure potential of a human being, Sanni holds loving and centered space to discover our True Nature. Sanni naturally inspires people to see their own brilliance and step into their power as creators of their own life. Born and raised in Finland, Nordic forests and tales brought her to a deep connection with nature and led her into a well-rounded study on empowered living & self-discovery over the last 13 years in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

A wisdom keeper of the Northlands, world traveler and devoted yogini, her work with True Nature Embodiment is inspired by a handful of remarkable indigenous cultures and traditions she has been blessed to study with in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Sanni shares her service through yoga trainings (E-RYT500), True Nature Embodiment programs, intuitive dance practices, meditation, frequency work, ceremonial arts & core- shamanic practices, and intentional journeys to sacred sanctuaries of nature. Her offerings are known to be transformative, deep, playful and empowering. Sanni walks the Earth with grace and calm confidence, dances with the creative force of the feminine and pours her contagious love into every relationship that comes on her way.

Sanni graduated from University studies of Sport and Health Sciences concentrated on holistic health aspect of movement and yoga, and led for a few years off-the-beaten-path journeys with Intrepid Travel in Europe. Within the last ten years, she has deep-dived into the studies and practice of integrated yoga (E-500 RYT), core-shamanism, Reiki Energy Healing (levels I-III), Permaculture and Nutritional Herbalism. Currently, Sanni lead-facilitates shamanic Yoga 


Teacher Trainings with the Kula Collective, works with sacred sites in different countries, offers Reiki energy healing courses and True Nature Empowerment programs, and facilitates Inchanted Journeys.

Through yoga, Sanni brings forth the balancing medicine of natural elements, therapeutic application of physical and energetic alignment, purification and Self inquiry. Sanni shares yoga that creates an opportunity for empowerment that carries through initiations of life into greater expansion. She creates space for releasing hereditary patterns and rendering the physical body to match the frequency of awakened spirit.

Sanni has experienced her pilgrimage to sacred sites on Earth to be a powerful catalyst for deeper communication with the inner gatekeepers and mystery school of Nature. She holds space for the journeys that unlock the inner potential and brings eco-mythology and true wisdom of yoga alive in one’s daily life. By learning to listen to the song of the winds and stay rooted in storm one can reveal the underlying power of timeless Nature and claim one’s space as a sovereign creator being. Life becomes a living prayer and every day a meaningful ceremony.