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Irish Faërie Lore

~7 Week Online Immersion~
March 17th to May 5th, 2022

Hone your dynamic relationship with the sídhe, the Irish faë 

Clarify communication with your Aisling(s)

How have the sídhe been trying to contact you?

Explore the Irish Summerland or Otherworld

Discover your family's Aisling(s)

Attune to your Aisling’s Deepest calling

Establish clear contracts with the Otherworld

Part the mists and remember the emissary you are

Saturate in the Light of Erin 

Pathworkings and guided meditations

One Saturday day-long immersion (also online)



Jeremy Schewe

-Creative Director-

Weekly topics include:

1.    The Kiss of the Summerlands

2.    Bridging the Worlds

3.    Seanchaí 1 - From the Celtic Twilight

4.    Seanchaí 2 - From the Celtic Twilight

5.    Ceol Sídhe - Music of the Fae

6. Deep Peace & Time Bending

7. Weaving the Wormholes

+1 Saturday immersion with practicum, contracts, and pathworking-sharing



Thursday evenings

March 17th through May 5th, 2022
one Saturday in April TBD

Times: Thursday evenings, 7-9:00 pm Eastern

Online via Zoom

Cost: $850.00

+3.2% PayPal fee

To pay by cash/check email:

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