Irish Goddesses in the
Wheel of the Year

~5 Week Online Immersion~
October and 12th, 2021 – November 9th, 2021

Immerse in the heart of the Irish-Celtic Codex

Merge with the 5 sovereign goddesses of Ireland

Connect with the 5 goddesses – 1 per session

Explore the Irish Summerland or Otherworld

Delve into pathworkings to Ireland’s sacred centers

Attune to your Aisling’s Deepest calling

Prepare to part the mists and remember the emissary you are

Saturate in the Light of Erin 

Co-Vision the June 2022 journey to Ireland

Weekly topics include:

1.    Morrígu, Connacht and Samhain + pathworking

2.    Brigid, Leinster and Ímbolc + pathworking

3.    Áine, Munster and Bealtaine + pathworking

4.    Macha, Emain Macha and Lughnasadh + pathworking

5.    Erin, Uisneach and planning the pilgrimage + pathworking



Tuesday Evenings

October 12th,19th, 26th 2021
November 2nd and 9th 2021

Times: Tuesday Evenings will be 2 hours from 7-9:00 pm Eastern.

All online via Zoom.

Cost: $500.00

+3.2% PayPal Fee

To pay by cash/check email:



Jeremy Schewe

-Creative Director-