Wilds of Scandinavia

Oracle of the Northern Lights

January 8th - 20th, 2023

Journey into Lapland and the Scandinavian Arctic

Purify in the Northern Lights

Learn to speak some Finnish, Norwegian & Swedish

Drink in a strong infusion of DEEP silence

Explore caves, fjords, ancient forests, fells, and folklore

Sauna & Ice Plunge

Drink deep of Sami Traditions

Play with the reindeer

Explore yoiking (Saami throat singing)

Enjoy Nordic feasts on fire

Follow the footsteps of your ancestors!


Do you hear the Northlands calling you?

Imagine your feet pulsing on the earth, feeling the direct current of the Arctic wilds of Scandinavia. Finland, is the birthplace of seers, while Norway & Sweden host the harbors of Northmen and the heartland of Nordic traditions.  This journey takes us into the heart of Lapland and the Arctic circle across all three countries.  Lapland: the epicenter of the indigenous Sami and refuge for a vast expanse of wilderness of fells, mountains, boreal forest, tundra, and fjords sculpted by glaciers. Pure waters abound and beckon to the traveler. Sink into icy rivers, lakes, and the Arctic Sea while being refreshed by traditional and contemporary saunas. In the world between time, ice giants, dwarves, and dragons lurk at the edge of our imagination. Listen closely, and we can still hear their voices on the four winds.

Hail the Guardians! For hundreds of years, Finnish seers and wind magicians were coveted for their skills in the art of sea navigation and controlling the winds. Norwegians and Swedes are famous and infamous for their sea voyages and worldly exploits. And yet, the deep quiet of the Sami people is the true resonance of the land. Not only could they read the stars to navigate, but they could also read the invisible forces in the space between the stars. As you move through the Finnish landscape, whether these seers run through your DNA or you have begun to awaken your northern soul, you can feel as if you were walking through a waking dream. The Telluric currents, boreal forest, lakes, fens, and midnight sun all speak in the voice of the Four Winds, the heart of the Sami people.


Come journey in the Scandinavian Arctic with guardians of the northlands in the heart of winter.

Itinerary outline:

Days 1-2

Fly into Helsinki (HEL) on January 8th arriving by 12:00 pm.  Enjoy the music, business, and cultural center of Helsinki with the group – food, music, sauna, and more.

Days 2-7

Fly to Rovaniemi, Finland, above the Arctic Circle. Drive to Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Hike/Snowshoeing into Isokuru for ancient forests and Pyhänkasteenputous (“initiate of the sacred”) waterfall that has been a part of water blessing ceremonies for centuries. Sami feast, stories, and yoiking on a reindeer farm. Sauna and cold plunges into the Kitinen River.

Days 7-11

Fly from Rovaniemi to Tromsø, Norway.  Journey into magnificent Norwegian fjords and Senja island. Hike into the peak of Segla, walk with the giant dragons, wash in natural swimming holes and connect with the Arctic Sea.  Sauna and ice plunges. Norwegian ice giant stories and wrestling with the trolls!

Days 11-12

Fly Tromsø to Helsinki. One last night together in the city before flying home from the Helsinki airport (HEL) on January 20th, or stay on in the north for when we come next time.


Early-bird cost* – double occupancy:

$2,995.00 / €2.500,00 per person (approx.)

Note each transaction will include a 3.2% PayPal fee.

Pay by cash/check: email jeremy.schewe@gmail.com

* Deposit of $500.00 must be received prior July 31, 2022 to get the Early-bird rate.

Registration is open for this program.  Final dates are still to be determined but will hinge on the summer solstice so we see the midnight sun in its fullest glory. Deposits of $500 per person must be received by July 31, 2022, in order to obtain the Early-bird rate. Registration is $2,995.00 for the Early-bird rate (double occupancy) including all transportation in Scandinavia, guide/entrance fees, accommodations, and more. For single room accompany rate, please contact Jeremy. You will be responsible for your own flights, lunches and dinners, though these will be shared meals. The price will go up on August 1, 2022, to $3,295.00 per person.  

It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at jeremy.schewe@gmail.com and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal.  All payments are due by November 21st, 2022.  Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $175 service fee through March 1st, 2022.  After November 1st, 2022, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.

You are responsible for your own flights to and from Helsinki (HEL) from your home city.  We will have vans to transport everyone.  In order to utilize this transportation, everyone must be landed in Helsinki and at the airport or other predetermined location by noon, local time, on the first day of our trip.  This is when the vans will leave. Flights in Scandinavia are covered by the cost of the program.

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Jeremy Schewe


Sanni Pääkkönen

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