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True Nature Embodiment Program 

This inner journey is here for you to discover, initiate and embody the pure intelligence and radiance in your life. This is for those who are fully dedicated to break free from the mental loops of doubt and uncover the natural flow of abundance in personal life, relationships and service to the whole. It is to activate your inner abilities and empower you to take the steps toward graceful, relaxed and insightful life. We do not have to spend our lives avoiding challenges, trying to manipulate the flow of life and protecting ourselves from the unpleasant situations. 


This one-to-one customized journey includes live stream yoga, breathwork and meditation practices, contemplative journaling and 


possible to do in 3 - 6 or 9 week periods. 

DISCOVERY- Opening up for your inevitable potential - 3 WEEKS

In this inner journey we explore the mysteries of flesh and spirit - the paradox of dualities that allow us to experience this life in form. This chapter in your book invites you to clarify your appearance in the body and to know your DNA deeper than ever before. It is to recognize the inevitable 

We will focus on: 

Relocating the awareness - moving from the ever shifting external reference points to internal stability

Learning the art of grounding and centering 

Navigating in time and space - the sense of belonging  

Realizing the limiting factors in life and discovering the inevitable potential

From effort to effortless without getting rid of anything

It is your consciousness that has the superior power to create a beneficial outcome. This consciousness will automatically be resolving difficulties all around you without you even working at it. 

BREAKTHROUGH - Clearing the way- 3 WEEKS

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MANIFESTATION - Abundance as natural expression- 3 WEEKS

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