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10th Annual Wildman Gathering

Spirit of the Wildman

September 13-15, 2024

Southern Appalachian Mountains

I remember you.

You stood there at the threshold,

Creating safety for all within the inner sanctum.

Wildman 2017 pics by Stanley Dankoski-21.jpg

I remember you.
You held me when my world fell apart,
And sang with me when I overcame the darkness.

Wildman (SocialMedia-Res)-44.jpg

I remember you.
You walked through fire and ice -
You stood with me when all others slipped away.

I remember you.
You gave me life where there was only death.
Thank you, Wildman. Thank you.

In 2024, we are celebrating the 10th annual Wildman retreat.  

This is not a process oriented workshop.  Wildman retreats are completely experiential.

You will go within.  You will go deep.  You will dance.

You will bellow and scream, and also sit in deep stillness and silence.

Embrace the Wildman within.

You will walk away a new man.



Jeremy Schewe


-Creative Director-


James Mayfield-Smith


Grandfather Mowgli







Registration Fee

$520 until June 21

+4% PayPal Fee (or mail a check to avoid fees)

Optional Monday adventure trip is $160

(includes Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast)

Camping on site is included in the price of registration.  Some rooms are available in the retreat house for an additional cost. Please ask about pricing and availability.

The meal plan is part of the cost of the weekend. You may bring your own food and still eat with everyone else if you like, but you will not have access to kitchen facilities (plan to bring your own). Omnivore and vegetarian options will both be available as part of the meal plan.

Cancellation refund policy is return of payment less a $75 service fee through August 15th, 2024, or you may carry the full credit for up to one year if you let us know within 2 weeks of the weekend that you cannot come.  After August 15th, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.

Monday Adventure

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Wildman Deposit

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