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Abí Steinsiek, The Messenger

With a purpose on this planet to uplift the many

and rebalance the power structures within and around us, Abí Steinsiek breathes to activate, serve and create truthful and equitable communities, relationships, and lifestyles. The time is now to take loving action, embrace impact over intent, cause chaos, redistribute resources, accept responsibility,

and learn all that life has to offer. Abí weaves these principles into all areas of her life and is willing to transform and adapt at a moment’s notice. Scrappy and ready to dissolve and break all illusions that stir our human race off the alignment of our true selves.

Through her teachings, organizing, and workshops Abí invites self-illumination. Believing that only by experiencing, witnessing, and listening can we truly know how to serve ourselves and others. She invites everyone she guides to be dedicated to their spiritual paths while also encouraging them to participate in community service at home. 

Service has been her guiding force since beginning recovery and working with various sponsors, teachers, and guides. Having the courage to embrace her shadow and light has guided her to realigning again and again with her nous, the center point of the heart- where the soul meets the spirit. This was possible because of her dedication to heart-centered growth, action-oriented nature, dissolve or evolve attitude, and willingness to ask for help.

Over the years Abí has studied directly with Dr. Amy Overman, Sarahjoy Marsh, Levi Banner, Linda Star Wolf, Lisa Asvestas and Myranda Bennett. Publishing behavioral neuroscience research, completing a multitude of yoga and breathwork


trainings, and operating a breathwork congregation in Texas- all with guidance and support from her mentors.


Though her most influential and daring teachers have been her friends, lovers, family members, sponsors, our mother earth and the creature teachers. She has a BA in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience and is a certified Master Breathwork Practitioner and 200 RYT yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga.

Currently, Abí is pursuing her masters degree in social work and public health at the University of Texas while simultaneously reconnecting with her ancestral lines through the Irish-Celtic Mysteries with Jeremy Schewe.

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