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Renee Angele Mason


Is a full time healing artist living and creating on the Mesa in Northern New Mexico , in the presence of Taos Mountain adjacent to the Rio Grande River. She is a shamanic practitioner, reiki master, Certified Core Synchronism Practitioner, priestess of the 13 moon mystery school, whilly wise women and sacred fool – who facilitates healing ceremonies, energy medicine and a variety of open form, hands on healing possibilities. Angele is a wayshower, dedicated to the evolutionary transformation of consciousness.

She is the full time sweeper and temple keeper of the Kumari Nadu Temple (time of the living Goddess, dragon lands of the immortal serpent) and the guardian of the soul lineage transmission of the Ray Priestesses and the Realm Gate Guardians – She actively engages and shares the amplification of the elemental forces of nature in a dance with the unseen upon the land – dedicated to the beauty way in a co-creation with Spirit each and every day on this Earth.

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