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Two spaces remain open for this program

Orphic Mysteries of Greece

Summer Solstice Journey

June 13th - 27th, 2021

Journey into the timeless Greek mysteries...

Dance with the dryads in the ancient oak, pine, and fir forests

Feel the heat of Athena’s forges in timeless fires of sunrise and sunset 

Roll with Pan on a languid breeze through the scents of citrus and olive trees 

Laugh with Zeus in the rumble of summer thunder across Olympian mountains

Listen to the songs of Hermes through tumbling waters in ever-shifting limestone


Swim with the naiads in the turquoise caves of Poseidon’s  daughters

Join your voice to the cry of Orpheus as we ascend to our seat with the




Do you hear the ancient lands calling you?

Located in the crossroads of three continents, Greece as the “Cradle of Western Civilization” provides a rich and unforgettable journey for one who seeks to dive deep.  Here, pristine Ionian islands and rocky cliffs guard the secrets of limestone caves and caverns.  Majestic volcanoes rising from the turquoise sparkle of Aegean Sea can unlock the unseen potential that once bloomed with indescribable wisdom and art of living.

The Orphic Mysteries journey will open the gateway to the expansive exploration of One’s Divine Essence.  Guided by the Oracle of Delphi, we will follow the threads of Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Persephone, through the battle of Titans and into the springing of human race living in the world of polarities. Ascending the Mount Olympus on Summer Solstice, we create a space to break the spell of distorted egoic inheritance and return the radiant divine heart into its pedestal.  Journey into the heavenly spheres of pure soul origin, unravel the lure of confusion and drink deep from the well of ambrosia, the nectar of pure source itself! Welcome to the home of gods within.

Itinerary outline:

Days 1-2 – Athens

Days 3-5 – Delphi

Days 5-9 – Mt. Olympus

Days 9-13 – Islands at Aegean Sea

Day 14 – Return home


Deposits of $500 per person must be received now to hold your spot. All payments due in full by May 7th, 2021. Registration is $3,195.00 (double occupancy) including all transportation, guide/entrance fees, accommodations, and more. For single room accompany rate, please contact Jeremy. You will be responsible for your own flights, lunches and dinners, though these will be shared meals. 

Note each transaction will include a 3.2% Paypal Fee.

It is preferred that you register by contacting Jeremy at and send a check by snail mail, but registration is also available online via PayPal.  All payments are due by May 7, 2021. Cancellation refund policy is the return of payments less a $175 service fee through March 5, 2021.  After March 5, 2021, we will be unable to refund any cancellations.

You are responsible for your own flights to and from Athens (ATH) from your home city.  Everyone must be landed in Athens and at the airport or other predetermined location by noon, local time, on June 13th. Flights home should be scheduled no earlier than 12:00 pm on June 27th.


Jeremy Schewe

-Creative Director-


Carrie Schewe

-Visionary and Hostess-

To sign up please fill out the registration form and pay a deposit or in full

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