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Invited Talks & Podcasts

Interviews, podcasts, and other invited talks on the Irish-Celtic mysteries, music, traditions, and publications with Jeremy Schewe and other members of the Grove of the Light of Erin. Click on the image next to the description to link to the recording.


The Witching Hour

By Eron Mazza

"A podcast about all things witchy and occult! Enjoy listening to featured guests and my own experiences walking the crooked path."

Guest: Jeremy Schewe

In this interview, Eron dives deep into how Jeremy's book, Aisling, came to fruition, while also asking deep questions into the heart of the Irish-Celtic mysteries as they relate to ecology, mythology, and the human-nature interconnection.

Keywords: deep ecology, sídhe, aisling, aislingí, Irish, sacred sites, traditional knowledge, books, publication...


The Folklore Podcast

By Mark Norman and interviewed by Tracy Nicholas

"Bringing world-class experts in the fields of folklore and its associated areas of interest to a wide audience, completely free of charge."

Guest: Jeremy Schewe

Aisling is the Irish for dream or vision, and it may take the form of a vision poem. The genre was developed as a part of the wider Irish language poetry field at the end of the 17th century, going into the 18th. More broadly, an aisling is a vision which connects the seer strongly with the landscape and sacred sites of Ireland. 

Keywords: Ireland, folklore, sídhe, aisling, aislingí, Irish, sacred sites, traditional knowledge, poetry, publication...

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